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How can dominate the search engines webshop?






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How to shop with us keresőoptimalizációja other?

Many thousands of keywords, often with different priorities

A good shop is not only the most 2-3 keywords in the right place, and not only those necessary to optimize - a good shop up in the right place in thousands of keywords as well (including all categories phrase or product name) - and this quantity only automated keresőoptimalizálni may, in compliance with the relevant rules.
Greater competition in a key word
The online stores are typically much larger market competition a keyword, less than a "for-profit" area - and this competition will only increase. The "basic knowledge" these days, most companies are aware of, so the outstanding results are no longer sufficient to comply with these rules.

Different structure pages with little text content
The goal of the online stores selling, and this functionality is to serve - which is not always good for the keresőoptimalizációnak. The main page, category pages and product pages are extremely different in structure and very different ways they can be keresőoptimalizálni merits

Many pages and similar expressions, and often the same sites, duplication
The shop often than many people are selling the same product, and certainly in this case we do not have / can write unique content for each product. Or it can be a lot of a shopping cart in a very similar product to each other (eg. Product variants in a product), which carry the risk of duplication, if you do not handle them properly.
Frequently changing content, the arrival of new products
A big difference compared to the average business site, that it is in the keywords and optimized pages are subject to change on a daily basis - and if you hit eg. a new product, then there certainly would be good in a few days to be first in the viewfinder.

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